How Does It Work?

How to hire a bike

Get a free helmet from a location listed on the bike station.

At the station control panel follow the sequence below:

  1. Push any key to activate the screen
  2. Screen should now read  “1. Rent Bike” –  Push button 1
  3. Insert Credit Card
  4. Then remove card
  5. Choose the hire period 1, 2, 3 or 4 by entering the appropriate number on the keypad
  6. Choose bike by the number located on bike and enter this number on the keypad, then push #
  7. Accept the waiver by pushing the #.  The waiver can be read in full on the control panel
  8. Wait for approval and transaction number
  9. Once approved, the screen should read “Collect bike” go to the bike green light should be flashing – grasp the handlebars and push in and pull out the bike in one firm motion
  10.  To hire another bike, repeat the whole process
  11.   Enjoy your ride and return bike to same station and helmet to the local retailer

Need more info?

  • If bike does not release repeat steps 1 to 9, using same card.  You will not be charged again.
  • When riders choose the hire period, 1 hr, 4 hrs or 24 hrs or 3 days.  The price is based on the hire period there is no refund if bikes are returned early.
  • During the hire period you can change bikes, return the bike and then retake another bike at no extra cost.
  • No credits card details are held in the station or by Boomerang Bikes.
  • Free helmets, bike locks, and maps are available from the nearby outlets (details are on each Station)
  • Return your bicycle to the same station, they are open 24 hrs a day.
  • If bike is returned late or over the time period the card will be debited the extra amount based on the 1 hour rate.
  • Refunds or customer complaints are directed to Boomerang Bikes on our mobile or email.
  • Refunds can be given that day electronically