Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs when hiring from a Bike Hire Station

Where do I find the nearest bike hire station?

See map on our Locations Page.

When are you open?

All bike hire stations are open 24/7 – they never close.  This allows you to start and finish your ride at your convenience.

Can I hire a bike at night?

Yes.  To ride the bike at night, lights are required but you can wheel the bike to your location if hiring for a few days.

What periods can I hire for?

We offer 1 hour, 4 hour, 24 hour and 3 – 7 day bike hire, on all our bike hire stations.

For longer periods please contact us.

What is the price to hire?

Prices are:

  • $14 for 1 hour
  • $32 for up to 4 hours
  • $48 for 24 hours
  • Call us for  3 – 7 day bike hire

These prices may vary slightly, due to either local or seasonal factors – check the station before you hire.  For more information go to your nearest location Home Page.

Is there a discount for hire multiple bike?

No, the station cannot distinguish each bike is a separate hire

What are the payment options?

Credit Card only (no Amex Diners, Debit Cards or cash).

Do I get a refund if I return the bike early?

No.  If you have returned the bike early because of a problem please ring us and we will endeavour to help.

What happens if I bring the bike back late?

As stated on the station, there will be an extra charge if the bike is returned more than 10 minutes after your hire period.  This will be at the 1 hourly rate of $14/hr.

What happen if I am overcharged?

If you find you card is overcharged, Email
or call us and if correct we can refund your money within 24 hrs.

How many and what types of bikes are at a station?

Each station has at least 8 bikes for hire including 6 unisex bikes (4 with rear child seats and 2 with rear baskets) for riders over 145 cm.  All bikes have 3 easy to use twist gears.  Additionally, there are 2 children’s bikes also that have 3 gears and 24 inch wheels, suitable for riders over 110 cm – these bikes can be suitable for smaller adults.  For more information go to your nearest location Home Page.

Are there bikes for children?

Yes.  Most stations have bikes for children from 120 cm and taller, with some larger locations having bikes for smaller children.  Check out the nearest location as we are always expanding our fleet of bikes.

Do you have child seats?

Yes.  More than half the bikes in each station have rear child seats.  A child seat will hold one child with a maximum weight of 22 kg.  Ensure your child is strapped in safely & fitted with a helmet.  Never leave your bike unattended with a child in the child seat.

Can I change my bike?

Yes.  Just return the unwanted bike and go through the process to hire another bike including the swiping of your Credit Card.  You will NOT be charged again providing your bike change is within your initial hire period.  You can change bikes as often as you want within this initial hire period.

How does it work?

Get a free helmet from a location listed on the bike station.

At the station control panel follow the sequence below:

  1. Push any key to activate the screen
  2. Screen should now read  “1. Rent Bike” –  Push button 1
  3. Insert Credit Card
  4. Then remove card
  5. Choose the hire period 1, 2, 3 or 4 by entering the appropriate number on the keypad
  6. Choose bike by the number located on bike and enter this number on the keypad, then push #
  7. Accept the waiver by pushing the #.  The waiver can be read in full on the control panel
  8. Wait for approval and transaction number
  9. Once approved, the screen should read “Take bike” go to the bike – grasp the handlebars and push in and pull out the bike in one firm motion
  10.  To hire another bike, repeat the whole process
  11.  Enjoy your ride and return bike to same station and helmet to the local retailer

Note: If bike does not release repeat steps 1 to 9, using same card.  You will not be charged again, if you are please contact us on 0414 84 82 84.

For a video of the process click here.

Where do I get helmets or bike locks?

Free helmets, maps and bike locks from nearby retailers listed on the bike station.  These should be returned to the retailer after your ride.

Do I need a helmet?

Yes.  It is compulsory in Australia for all bike riders to wear a helmet.  Large fines (over $300) are in place and police are actively looking for riders without helmets.

All road and bike path rules need to be followed, for more road rules click here.

Do you have different sized helmets?

Yes.  We have 2 sizes of adult helmets – both of which are adjustable.  Adjustable youths helmets & children’s helmets are also available.  There are helmets available for young children using our rear child seats.

Are there Tandem bikes?


Can I rent a bike if I am less than 18 years of age?

Yes, but you need an adult to accept the waiver before hiring.

Can you book a bike?

No.  Bikes in stations cannot be booked or reserved.  However most hires are for short periods so there are always bikes coming and going.

Can I be sure there are bikes when I get there?

No.  Bikes in stations cannot be booked or reserved.  However most hires are for short periods so there are always bikes coming and going.

What happens if I have a puncture or problem with the bike?

 All bikes have airless tyres so punctures don’t occur. When hiring from the station one stipulation is that the bike must be returned to the station.  There you can select another bike at no extra cost.  If there is ever an issue or breakdown just return to the bike station and contact us.  Refunds can be given immediately just ring 0414 84 82 84.  All bikes have airless tyres so punctures don’t occur.

Can I contact you by Phone?

Yes.  Call for any enquiries or issue.  Mobile 0414 84 82 84 or email at

Do any bikes have training wheels?


How do I know that the bike has been locked in securely after I return it?

Return the bike to the station from which you hired it and lock it into a vacant dock by pushing in and pulling out the bike.  If the bike stays in the dock, you know that you have returned it securely.  If the bike does not lock in, push it in again little more firmly.

What happens if I don’t agree to accept the waiver?

You will be unable to hire a bike.  The waiver fulfills our insurance obligations